Frequently Asked Questions


Unit Related Questions

Q: What is your teamspeak IP?
A: Click here to join the teamspeak.

Q: Do you have a discord?
A: Yes. Click here to join the Discord.

Q: How many members do you have?
A: That information can be found by click the ORBAT button.

Q: How do I join?
A: To join the unit all you’ve got to do is join the discord and move to the applications channel and follow the format there. From there you will get helped along through the rest of the application process.

Join the discord!

Q: Can I be “Insert Role Here” if I join?
A: Most of the time the role you may want is available however we are unable to cater to everyone’s desires all of the time. If you want a specific role check the ORBAT. If it isn’t we can find you another role that suits you.

Q: How do I get promoted?
A: This is a question often asked by a lot of people. Promotions are earnt through dedication to the unit as well as contribution to the unit/community as a whole. Whether that is helping out with recruitment, helping train new people, uploading videos or just generally helping out. You can also see something we have called “Career Progression” on the ORBAT for both Infantry and Aviation. This clearly defines the tasks needed to be promoted.

Q: How does your recruit training/BCT work? If I’ve been in 3 milsims before do I need to go through another 2 hours long lesson?
A: Our BCT (Basic Combat Training) is very adaptive. If you have been in a milsim before or have ample experience in Arma 3 we don’t force any unnecessary training onto you. We generally will just get you to jump on the server and sort out your loadout, fill you in on all of the mods we use and then help you out if there is anything you are unfamiliar with. The rest can be learnt in-operation through working with current members of the unit to learn how they operate.

If you are new to the milsim scene however, then we will run you through everything you need to know. From ACE3 controls and functionality, Enhanced Movement controls and functionality, Task Force Radio controls and functionality and anything else that you wish to learn. We will do our best to ensure that you go into your first operation ready to go.

Q: When are your operations & how long do they last?
A: We host regular midweek operations at various times to keep everyone entertained during the week.

Mandatory Saturday Operation – 7pm Adelaide, 7:30pm QLD/NSW/VIC, 5:30pm WA & 9:30pm NZ

On average an operation will last between 2-3 hours depending on the scope and task of the mission.

Q: What are your rules on attendance?
A: On Saturdays we host our mandatory main operation. Although we refer to it as mandatory we believe that no matter what real life comes first. We don’t expect you to shrug off your mates offering you to come out for some beers, at the end of the day it is just a video game. However upon joining we expect all members to attend when they can, the more people who the come the bigger and better the operations are.

We generally run attendance through discord through the use of 3 channels. Coming, Not Coming and Unsure. All we ask is that you post your status in one of the three so that we know who to expect and can plan around that.

Q: How do your operation’s work?
A: Our operations will generally start with a briefing together where the situation of the mission will be explained, the mission will then be given and then we will lay out the execution of the mission. From there you split off into your team’s and get prepped for the mission.

From there we use a large variety of insertion methods to get into our area of operations. You will find yourself jumping out of planes, flying into hot LZ’s in a helicopter, driving armoured vehicles, inserting offshore via boat as well as a variety of other methods.

Operations will often range from HVT rescues, FOB hunting, night raids behind enemy lines, flat out assaults on enemy positions, combat patrols into enemy territory as well as a variety of other operation types. Anything is possible with a creative zeus.


In-game Related Questions

Q: What uniforms do we wear and what faction are we? What weapons can I use?
A: Well for one, the Commonwealth Joint Task Force does not exist in real life (that we know of at least) and as such that gives use liberties otherwise not available to units who utilise real world military forces as their theme/faction.

The Commonwealth Joint Task Force is a fictional special task force setup by a council of Commonwealth countries in the early 2020’s, each contributing their elite infantry units from the airborne units in the United Kingdom, the JTF2 in Canada all the way to the Commando’s in Australia. Each were brought together to form a permanent quick reaction force capable of striking world wide at any time.

As a combined force we used standardised uniforms generally based off of the Multicam pattern with small adjustments occasionally to our environment. Each member is able to personalise their equipment using our restricted arsenal. Through the use of the restricted arsenal we can remove all the fluff from other mods such as the Russia uniforms from RHS etc and only show the stuff that we need. We offer a selection of 4-5 uniforms with rolled and unrolled sleeve options etc. In addition to that we offer a wide variety of helmets, vests and plate carriers to suit your operator needs.


We offer a selection of weaponry put together from weapons commonly available to the Commonwealth and her nations. We offer a massive selection of Rifles from the Heckler & Koch HK416 weapon platform to the Steyr AUG all the way back to the FN SCAR-H/L platform. In addition to that we offer a large variety of marksman rifles for our designated marksmen to use such as the HK417 to the SR-25. On top of that we offer a wide variety of light and medium machine guns for our machinegunners to use from the experimental LWMMG to the M249 all the way to the Rheinmetall MG3 which is a modernised MG42.

If you are a fan of having variety and choice in Arma 3 then you will definitely enjoy the selection you get here.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on the Discord.