Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your teamspeak IP?
A: Click here to join the teamspeak.

Q: Do you have a discord?
A: Yes. Click here to join the Discord.

Q: How many members do you have?
A: That information can be found by click the ORBAT button.

Q: How do I join?
A: To join the unit all you’ve got to do is join the discord and move to the applications channel and follow the format there. From there you will get helped along through the rest of the application process.

<a href=”https://discordapp.com/invite/pSVh2q9″>Join the discord!</a>

Q: Can I be “Insert Role Here” if I join?
A: Most of the time the role you may want is available however we are unable to cater to everyone’s desires all of the time. If you want a specific role check the ORBAT. If it isn’t we can find you another role that suits you.

Q: How do I get promoted?
A: This is a question often asked by a lot of people. Promotions are earnt through dedication to the unit as well as contribution to the unit/community as a whole. Whether that is helping out with recruitment, helping train new people, uploading videos or just generally helping out. You can also see something we have called “Career Progression” on the ORBAT for both Infantry and Aviation. This clearly defines the tasks needed to be promoted.

Q: How does your recruit training/BCT work? If I’ve been in 3 milsims before do I need to go through another 2 hours long lesson?
A: Our BCT (Basic Combat Training) is very adaptive. If you have been in a milsim before or have ample experience in Arma 3 we don’t force any unnecessary training onto you. We generally will just get you to jump on the server and sort out your loadout, fill you in on all of the mods we use and then help you out if there is anything you are unfamiliar with. The rest can be learnt in-operation through working with current members of the unit to learn how they operate.

If you are new to the milsim scene however, then we will run you through everything you need to know. From ACE3 controls and functionality, Enhanced Movement controls and functionality, Task Force Radio controls and functionality and anything else that you wish to learn. We will do our best to ensure that you go into your first operation ready to go.

Q: When are your operations?
A: Friday Training – 7pm Adelaide, 7:30pm QLD/NSW/VIC, 5:30pm WA & 9:30pm NZ

Mandatory Saturday Operation – 7pm Adelaide, 7:30pm QLD/NSW/VIC, 5:30pm WA & 9:30pm NZ

Q: How do your operation’s work?
A: Our operations use a unique system for our operations. A majority of units out there primarily utilise Zeus to setup and run there missions, and while that system works well there are many things a zeus simply cannot do on the fly.

The system we use is a heavily modified version of Liberation – http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29337 – Liberation allows us to create fun and immersive missions in a persistent, reactive environment. Civilians and enemies react to your actions, making everything you do matter. Mindlessly destroying civilian buildings and their way of life will have the civilians turn on you either visibly in the form of armed militias or invisibly through the usage of Improvised Explosive Devices.

Enemies react to everything you do as well. Failing to cripple an enemies supply routes or military bases near a town will result in the enemy being harder to defeat. However methodically taking out enemy logistics capabilities will make taking towns or other objectives easier.

On top of this system we also utilise zeus in some situations. To ensure we do not do repetitive missions all of the time we use a zeus to setup side missions such as HVT grabs, convoy missions as well as a broad variety of other types of missions. We also utilise a zeus to add additional details to pre-existing missions to aid in creating the absolute best experience we can.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them on the Discord.