About Us

Welcome to the Commonwealth Joint Task Force - a dedicated Oceanic mil-sim group. Our goal is to provide immersion and realism by making the players' actions directly responsible for the outcome of a persistent, ongoing global narrative, without compromising fun gameplay - allowing for endless entertainment and a few laughs along the way.

The unit acts as a fictional task force seconded by a mish-mash of national special forces. We base our tactics on a mix of common sense, the Australian Defence Force, and the Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures for Arma 3 (TTP3) book. Our equipment, weaponry, vehicles, and other assets all come from anywhere, though - and players are given a large amount of freedom to select gear that works for them.

Commonwealth Joint Task Force

In the early 2020s, a council of Commonwealth countries recommended the formation of a joint task force, to form a permanent quick reaction force capable of striking anywhere at any time. Commonwealth member countries contributed out of their best special forces teams to create the task force, including elite airborne infantry units from the UK, the JTF2 in Canada, and the Commandos in Australia.

CJTF is capable of responding to any threat to its member states or globally. Whatever the mission calls for, we provide - from surveillance to black ops to open warfare, with an emphasis on small unit tactics - sometimes mechanized - and close air support. HVT rescues, FOB hunting, night raids behind enemy lines, frontal assaults, combat patrols and more are likely candidates for our missions. We pick tough fights, and equip ourselves accordingly to the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Check out the Apply section below.

Check out our current roster on our ORBAT, which also has a tab showing our attendance rates.

If you show up on time to ops, you're likely to get the role you want.

At op start time, everyone at the role select screen will be directed to fill team positions, some of which are for roles that require qualifications. Once the teams are filled, everyone proceeds into the map.

To see the composition of our teams and roles ingame, refer to our ORBAT.

We use ranks, and the ranking structure is listed on a tab in our ORBAT. Promotion up to the next rank usually requires you distinguish yourself somehow, earning a recommendation from leadership. Leaders are always on the lookout for opportunities for members to distinguish themselves.

Promotions are usually handed out at the end of every campaign. Campaigns usually last between 3-5 weeks of missions.

We take our fresh recruits through a basic training session to make sure they're fully acquainted with the functions and features of our modset, equipment, and procedures. We cover all the skills required to operate as a standard rifleman under one of our team leaders. After that, we'll pair you up with one of our senior members, with whom you will operate in a pair (buddy team) for your first few missions.

Our basic training is based off our Infantry Handbook, which is updated over on our wiki - reading through it will give you an excellent idea of what to expect.

Our basic training is very flexible. We need to have you demonstrate core compentencies, but as long as you know what you're doing, we don't need to rehash everything. We'll only teach you what you don't already know - usually things that are specific to CJTF SOP.

Going through the Infantry Handbook will give you a better idea of what specifics you'll need to be trained on.

Our main operations are run every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 PM ACDT (Adelaide time), and generally run between 1.5 and 3 hours long.

We understand that real life comes first. If you need to miss an op because of a real life issue, that's totally fine. If you can't reliably make main ops, you can still find a place on our reserves list.

We also play sporadic mid-week ops - these are optional and usually run shorter than main ops.

Our ARMA server is brought up before the operation start time, and players should aim to be in the TeamSpeak server at least ten minutes before kick-off, join the ARMA server, and be ready to select a role.

At the posted mission start time - usually on the dot - everyone is expected to be quiet while the commander organises role selection. The commander will call for team leaders to slot first, and then arrange for available teams to be filled with operators and qualified specialists as required. This process does not take very long, and once everyone is sorted, everyone loads into the map.

Once players are loaded, they collect their equipment from the arsenals and move to the mission briefing area. The briefing covers the situation, objectives, and obstacles to be overcome. After the briefing there is another short period for teams to tune their equipment loadouts before the detachment moves out.

Insertion methods, maneuvers, tactics, and engagements from there onwards vary wildly. You'll find yourself jumping out of planes, being flown into hot LZs via helicopter, inserting offshore via boat, and more. Objectives and tactics frequently change or are updated mid-mission. Your team leader and commander will keep you informed.

Once the op is wrapped up, we meet up again at the briefing room for a debrief - quickly going over what went well, what didn't, what we can improve on, and calling out people with good performance. Additional debrief and discussion from all players is also welcome in our Discord channel specifically for feedback.

Apply to Join

If you're interested based on what you've heard so far, why not get in touch with us to find out more? If you've got a professional attitude, some mil-sim experience, and you're 16 or older, we'd like to offer you a position in our unit. We play every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 PM ACDT, with optional missions occuring throughout the week.

  1. Join our Discord server to the rightbelow
  2. Introduce yourself in the #welcome channel
  3. One of our staff will get in touch to answer any questions you have and let you know how to proceed from there!